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I qualified as a homeopath at the College of Homeopathy in 1988, and, having passed the required Examinations and successfully completed the Clinical Training, I became a member of the College in 1989 (M.C.H.). In the following year, I was accepted onto the Register of the @03 (R.S.Hom).

I have been employed to teach abroad for Homeopathic Charities in Eastern Europe: Belgrade, Novi Sad in Serbia, and Cairo in Egypt.

I have a Diploma in Natural Nutrition (DNN) from the College of Natural Nutrition, and a certificate in Advanced Counselling skills from New Paradigm Training. These other professional skills greatly complement my homeopathy practice.

Currently, as well as practising homeopathy full-time, I have taught and supervised students of the South Downs School of Homeopathy (SDSH) in Chichester.

I recently received the following appraisal from the visiting educator from the Society of Homeopaths.
'The second year students were learning about the treatment of skin problems. Keith was drawing out aspects of the 'role' of the skin, and discussing the psychological effects on people with such visible ailments. The discussion was successful in that each student contributed, and it was backed up by a Powerpoint summary. Keith seemed to combine an organised approach with an easy and facilitative manner.'

I also received this letter in 2016 from a graduate. " It seems ages since you last taught us, and longer still since you were my supervisor, but I won't forget what you taught. I'm grateful for your insightful presentation of some quite difficult mental and emotional issues, and for your vigorous and detailed remedy differentiations.
I've also really enjoyed your lectures, and will remember your sense of humour, and willingness to both play and challenge us as a group of students. Thanks, Keith" - Samantha Eddison.

I have three daughters, all of whom have now left home. I have recently moved to Seaford, which is between Eastbourne and Brighton in East Sussex, to enjoy the English summer (and less beautiful English winter} away from the rat race of the city.

It is a very beautiful area, with the amazing promenade along Seaford beach that stretches 5 miles, and the beautiful Cuckmere valley and Seven Sisters cliffs nearby. It is well worth a visit. It is a photographers paradise, and during the Spring, the local birds gather around the cliffs to mate.

Working at Cambridge Folk Festival, 27th - 30th July 2017, Cambridge, England

At the end of July last year, as part of the Travelling Homeopaths Collective, I worked at the Cambridge Folk Festival in Cambridge, England.

Take a look at this short video of myself at our homeopathic tent at the entrance to the festival. That's me in the red t-shirt talking to Tracy, another volunteer, discussing the treatment of a patient we had just seen.

This festival attracts music fans of all ages who enjoy folk, blues and country music.
The highlights for me were the bands 'Le Vent du Nord' and 'Braebach' playing on Stage 2 on Sunday.


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