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ADHD - Aspergers syndrome

Sarah H. Buckinghamshire, North of London, England ( Child with ADHD / Aspergers syndrome )

I have a 5 year old son who has Aspergers syndrome/ Dyspraxia and ADHD type difficulties, which have been formally diagnosed when he was 4 years old by an NHS paediatrician. I have also simultaneously used Keith Smeaton’s email homeopathic service since he was 1 year old to support my son’s development (and to keep my sanity!)

Keith’s support has been invaluable to me in enabling my son to keep developing to his full potential. He provides me with practical support and advice and highly skilled homeopathic support, providing remedies that greatly reduce the intensity of sensory hypersensitivities, difficulty with sleeping, anxiety and managing anger. These are all common problems of the autistic spectrum.

I have been an experienced non-professional user of homeopathy for 20 years and I have found Keith’s service invaluable in helping me look after my and my family’s physical and mental health. As well as ongoing regular homeopathic treatment for my son’s ASD difficulties, I consult with him regularly for minor ailments such as high fever, flu, and tooth ache. Sometimes I have a good idea what remedy may benefit and we bounce some ideas around at other times I defer completely to his wealth of knowledge and experience because I haven’t a clue. It’s amazing what a dose of well prescribed remedy can do for making a roaring temperature disappear or an annoying stubborn dry cough that has previously been annoying the whole family for a week also disappear after a night of treatment.

The way email treatment works is, I do the observing, email my observations to Keith, which Keith uses to build a repertoire of symptoms and prescribes accordingly. Occasionally, if the picture is not clear, he will email a couple of queries to clarify and at other times I send a photo when it is difficult to describe, (such as a skin eruption).

Anyone who has a child with Autism spectrum conditions will know that there is no “cure” so no-one is claiming here that homeopathy will cure your child’s autism.

My personal experience is that Keith’s prescriptions hugely help with smoothing and taking the sharp edges of the condition that would make life so much more difficult for our family. Homeopathy reduces my son’s anxiety and ability to cope with the sensory hypersensitivities that go hand in hand with the autism spectrum. This gives him a huge helping hand in behaving in a more socially appropriate way and also be less prone to angry outbursts which would hamper his ability to cope with school. It has also helped us with the universal autistic spectrum problem of huge difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep and difficulties with “accidents” and bladder continence.

I am not related to Keith in any way and have never actually met him face to face, but I consider him an essential ally and person in my support network. I would recommend his services unreservedly to any parent with a child who has difficulties on the autism spectrum/ ADHD type difficulties or simply feel the need for support with parenting a child who is “difficult” to bring up.


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