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From Anne W. South East London, England ( Child with verrucas )


From Sinead. Wimbledon, South West London. Keith has treated my 6 year old son since he was a baby, from eczema to bad coughs, from ear aches to high fever.

Just recently, I was so amazed again by this holistic approach and Keith's very good knowledge about it. My son had several verrucas on his left foot, one of which was relative big, very unsightly and caused my son discomfort while walking. After Keith's treatment, the verrucas disappeared within three weeks. You could literally see how the skin started to heal, first the verrucas turned black, then they just disappeared. My son likes going to Keith, mainly because all treatments are not traumatic. He just answers some questions, gets a remedy and then he feels that his ailments are getting better. It has reached the stage that he will ask to go to Keith when he doesn't feel well. They are having a good and trustful relationship.


From Caroline W. Reigate, Sussex, East Sussex, England

Just to let you know all of Sophia's verrucas turned black and have started to get smaller. The bigger ones have now started to drop off too.

So impressed with such a quick response, thank you very much.


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