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From Mary.D. Horley, Surrey, South East England ( Child with eczema )

My daughter, now 6 years old, developed eczema at the age of about 18 months. This was not really surprising as I have suffered with hay fever and there is a history of allergic conditions within our family. We began the usual medical route – using emollient creams and hydrocortisone that seemed to help initially. The eczema was patchy, with a ‘T’ zone across her forehead and the centre of her face. However, it began to spread to her limbs. We started trying out various remedies which people suggested. We became careful about detergents, shampoos etc, but nothing seemed to improve the condition. I have used homeopathy successfully in the past, for hay fever. So, I began taking her to see Keith. Her condition quickly began to improve.

When my daughter started school, she didn’t settle very well. The eczema returned, there were episodes of bed-wetting and she cried every day when she went to school. There were no problems at school, she just didn’t like it. It was around this time that she began to experience asthma type symptoms resulting in a few acute episodes. Again, we ended up with doctors and nebulisers. It seemed as though she was diagnosed and that was it – permanent use of preventer and reliever inhalers. Keith took note of all this in detail and treated her very successfully. The improvements were noticeable and it was apparent that this was a result of the homeopathic remedies.


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